Understanding Chiropractic

Takapuna Chiro circuit breaker

If every light went out in your house, what will you do? Of course, you wouldn't go buy a bunch of new bulbs right away. You'd go to the fuse box first and check what is wrong.

Our body works like that too.

Our brain is like the power source with a fuse box (the spine) attached. If you blow a fuse (misalignment of spinal segment) you lose power to a 'bulb' in your house (organs/muscles etc). A chiropractor is like an 'electrician' who checks the fuse box, and reset the fuses if necessary.

Whether it is felt or not, we are always better off with all the power switched ON. That is why, a healthy, clear, 100% functioning spine and nerve system is vitally important as we go through every age and stage of life.

Now ask yourself... Are all your bulbs currently working? Is your power switched ON?


Corrective Chiropractic Care

We specialize in improving the function of the nervous system by correcting spinal shape, spinal abnormalities, and improper posture. We often improve forward head posture, energy levels, and our response to stress.

Wellness Chiropractic Care

Beyond correction, our team will continue
to show clients how to achieve greater
levels of health and wellness through
ongoing lifestyle checks, expert health advice and preventative wellness adjustments.

Corporate Wellness

We’ll work with your workplace group to set up an in-house wellness talk, led by a wellness educator, in a topic of your choosing. Popular workshop topics include stress management, back care, women's health and more.


Takapuna Chiro Benfits of Xray 02
  • Visualise and understand the health of your spine
  • Helps create a tailored care program
  • Provides specific and accurate care

Our Chiropractor

Dr Wayne Smith

BSc (Chiro), BPhEd

Having been a chiropractor now for over 17 years, I am still constantly amazed at people’s ability to heal, repair and perform.

I work in such an exciting area of healthcare that allows us to see the innate potential of people, without needing to rely on drugs and surgery.

Having been checked by a chiropractor since the age of 9, I have first hand seen the benefits of a nerve system free from interference and a spine that supports that.

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  • Initial Consultation and Examination
  • Digital Postural Analysis and Any Necessary Xrays
  • Doctor's Report

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